Download 1965 Mustang Fuse Block Diagram Pictures

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Download 1965 Mustang Fuse Block Diagram
. I'm a little old and chunky to climb under that dash very many the care and feeding of ponies: Wipers, washers, oil pressure indicator light, temperature and and fuel gauges;

1965 Mustang Accesories Diagram
1965 Mustang Accesories Diagram from
Fuse 5 is the right side fuse 7 is the left side both are 30 amp and are located in the fuse block inside the car. 1965 mustang instrument panel with generator charging system pictorial (ford included this modified version of the oil pressure, water temp and fuel senders; Now all that remains is to determine which fuse is responsible for which electrical circuits.

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I have a 2003 ford mustang i went to turn the ignition on and the horn started blaring and would not go off. So theres three different 14 amp fuses in the fuse panel, two are smaller than the third, but i don't know which one goes to the cigar lighter. Thanks if you can get that for me, i am having no luck finding one. Owners of the earlier 5th generation mustang from 2005 to 2009 and possibly the 4th generation 1994 to 2004 models with the two fuse blocks in similar locations may also find these.

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